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Dimensional sign designed and built by Matthew Richter, Prairie Art & Sign




My design, build and installation

My photograph, logo type, web banner, outdoor advertising

Prairie Art & Sign sand carved face, colonial posts, design, build and installation

My logo type for magazine & flier, printed brochure, outdoor billboards, total branding concept

gold leaf on glass

Gold leaf on glass. Prairie Art & Sign design and hand lettering

Colonial style installation complete design and installation by Matthew Richter, Prairie Art & Sign

Our electrical component design, installation and logo style

Our concrete engineered build for client designed logo

stor n stuff logo

Complete identity program for site, brochures, phone book, fliers, newspapers, outdoor advertising and web site

Client logo adapted to horizontal layout for lighted cabinet. Steel posts and finials for period design

Client logo adapted to existing site. Large scale sand carved background dimensional lettering and art give personal touch to corporate image

Client identity system installed throughout hospital campus. Physical build, construction and installation by Prairie Art & Sign

wall painting big big big scale

8 feet high and 32 feet long. Hand lettering and hung on the wall. This sign is still looking good in it's 9th year.

Mcpherson College bulldog 14 feet tall

Yes, I did stop midway thru painting the 14 foot tall bulldog and take this picture. What you don't see here are the 12 foot tall bleachers holding up the ladders.

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